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Where we've been with campers, tents and swags: May 2014

Where we’ve been with campers, tents and swags:
May 2014

The Coromal Mirage 455 hard wall camper    

In 2013 we took another step in updating of our  Camper. Whilst we did like our old Jayco hawk ..we did find it a little time consuming to set up and and    having the problem of wet canvas when folding up if it had rained.  There’s only two of us so we decided to structure our new camper requirements around:

Bedding and seating for two,   Little to no Canvas
Quick set up for late over night stops (eg: going   over the nullabor)

Could set up with out disconnecting from the vehicle (Holden Rodeo)  if needed.
Had to fit under our rear carport door and the patio storage area for it..(so a pop top was out for us)
Whilst there where a few VERY fancy hard wall campers on the market …second hand ones were hard   to find and they arranged from $40k to  $70k    😦     Along with the above criteria it also had to be below  $20k

Coromal camping at Walpole WA

We had seen and been inside a few AVan Cruiseliner’s  (the very largest of the AVan  A style vans) whilst they did tick all the box’s for us we did find them a little restrictive with internal space because of the sharp A style apex.   BUT I also found that Coromal made a similar one with a flat sliding roof and hard sides with same features as an AVan,… but the Coromal was a little more spacious.
The lifting of the roof and lifting the hard side walls and locking them in takes LESS than 1 minute
The camper also has independent suspension, we’ve had it on a number of trips since buying it, and are very happy and it ticks all the box’s for two adults and a dog.

We also have a 30 second Oztent to go with it for extended longer stays to expand the outdoor living space on the side . or add to the rear of the camper to extend an ensuite onto the rear.
Coromal Mirage 455 in Tow

Coromal Camper Inside

Coromal Camper inside 2


The Hawk (April 2012)

With the sale of the loadstar we purchased our daugters and son-inlaws Jayco Hawk although it was a 1999 model it was in extremely good nick for its age, we done an axle drop (dropping the axle below the spring pack) fitted new U Bolts and this gained us an additional 90mm of ground clearance which was needed to get up our drive way.

We then added a toolbox to the draw bar with twin 4 kg gas bottles , some PVC tubes to house the annexe and fly poles, a rear bar to carry a couple of extra jerry cans of fuel or water (if needed) some solar panels to  trickle charge twin deep cycle battery’s and added a 16 amp multi stage smart charger to keep them charged, swapped the inside globes to LED’s and we felt we had it modified to suit our needs.

We’ve done a few local trips (Margret River, Lake King etc) but its big test is coming later this year with a trip to the Eastern States

front fly bag

front fly bag, tool box and Gas bottles


Inside the Hawk

The Old Loadstar

Myself and Nola broke away from the soft floor tent camping to a camper trailer a good few years ago.

We purchased an Off Road camper from Loadstar Trailers in Perth, added a basic canvas camper and then set off to do a few modifications to it to suit our needs, like add a boat rack, outboard bracket and basket etc.

The camper suited our needs for a couple of years with trips around the state including a trips to Karijini, Sharks Bay and The Murchison, Cervantes, Bremer, Bussleton and along the Sth Coast of WA etc. Whilst we had a great time we came to a stage where we felt we needed a few more luxuries and home comforts and something a bit quicker to set up for quick overnight stops (even though the camper trailer was a large step up from the old tents)

One day we where passing by Cameron Caravans in Albany on a visit to Bunnings and we dropped into Camerons to check out a pop up Coromal Off Road camper,..Nola fell in love with the extra creature home comforts but the price of approx $30K was out of our price range, but the style was what we wanted. (we were restricted to something along the the lines of the pop up campers because we need to get it up our driveway and under the carport to turn around)

It happened to be that our Daughter and Son-InLaw had a Jayco Hawk that they were keen to sell so that entered us into the next phase of camping.

The Old Loadstar camper
The Old Loadstar camper
BW Camper and Tinny
BW Camper and Tinny
Camper Dales Gorge Karijini
Camper Dales Gorge Karijini

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