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Canine Mates

Heres a couple of photos taken last week of some canine friends of my Border Collie “Dylan”
We have “Tim” a short haired Border Collie and “Sara” a German Shepard.
All are best of mates though Sara the female German Shepard is the pack leader the so called Alpha male in the pack (If you can have an alpha female 🙂 (eg: she wears the pants and calls the shots)
They all get along well, love a swim, chase of the ball and plenty of fussing and affection.

Tim the Border Collie

Tim the Border Collie

Sara the German Shepard

Sara the German Shepard


Dylan..Just add water

I took this photo approx 12 months ago but have been meaning to add it to the blog for a while

This is a photo of Dylan our Border Collie…our kids have all left home so he gets spoilt like a member of the family…Dylan is a walking clock with all the features of an IPhone all built into his brain…You don’t need to set your alarm as Dylan will shove open the bedroom door to remind you a new day has started and its time for a morning walk….You get home from work he gives you 30 minutes rest and then kindly reminds you time for afternoon walk….You have your meal the plates start to get scrapped and wash and there’s a bark to remind you it’s time to feed him….You sit down in your favorite recliner rocker and he will be at your feet with his chin on your slippers….I couldn’t wish for a more loyal and well natured canine member to the family..Ooh….and did i mention Dylan loves to swim….That’s right   “Dylan…just add water”

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Dylan_Just add water

A New World In The Morning

My Border Collie Dylan well he’s like a built in alarm clock..and a routine that’s also clock work. The other morning it was a push open of the bedroom door from him and a wet nose in the face..with a look from him.. of..it’s time to get up.. “You know the routine..if you want to capture special moments,..you’ve got to make the effort”…as such I was up before sunrise camera in the car and Dylan in the back we made our way down to the Lower King Jetty.  The sun was finding it hard to bring in the new morning due to a heavy fog which in a way just added to the atmosphere, Dylan had a ball and I capture a photo again of  MY backyard…OYSTER HARBOUR..Albany…Western Australia.…hope you enjoy..regards…John.

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King River Paper Barks

One of my favourite local Albany areas… is …Oyster Harbour,  since it’s a hop step and jump down the road from home…. The fact that my Border Collie.. Dylan, adores anything that’s water is also another reason for regular visits to various parts of this body of water that has many moods depending on time, light and seasons…(The water ..that is..not the dog..though he does have his moments).

This photo was taken on the King River (one of the estuary’s that empties into Oyster Harbour) approx 1 km up-stream…The sun was setting over my left shoulder when I found this gnarly old Paper Bark leaning over the river bank begging for its photo to taken.

King River Paper Bark

Mount Martin Morning Magic

I talk to a lot of folks and they all ask “where are you from”..I reply Albany..
“Ooh Its always cold and wet down there ” is their general reply..Yea right..what ever I think to myself …BUT.. Albany and the South Coast of WA has some magic weather.. we have the off days but most days are magic..even when it rains…and this photo is a good expression of that…Again taken early in the Morning on the shores of Oyster Harbour Albany..looking towards Mt Martin and Emu Point, a cold front was approaching but it just added that bit of extra spice to the photo.

Mt Martin Morning Magic