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The Flinders Ranges..a photographers and cachers dream come true

We have just recently got back from our WA to SA camping and caching holiday…As per previous post I manage to borrow the works new Sony HX100V camera with a sweep panorama feature.

Our trip took us through the Eyre and Yorke Peninsula’s as well as the Flinders Ranges. Whilst the two peninsula’s were great to visit….its our trip through the Flinders Ranges and through Wilpena National Park that was the holidays highlight.. As GeoCachers (Albany Nomads) we picked up a neat 75 extra caches to add to our tally and as photographers we were blessed with fantastic weather and a photo opportunity at every bend in the road.

Below are two photos taken from close to our camp site looking over Rawnsley Bluff and the Flinders Ranges..I promise to add some more in the coming week…If you haven’t been to the Flinders Ranges…JUST SIMPLY DO IT.. you wont regret it….Regards John

Its a big country..Flinders Ranges SA

Its a big country..Flinders Ranges SA

Rawnsley Bluff..Flinders Ranges SA

Rawnsley Bluff..Flinders Ranges SA


First try of Sony HX100V sweep panorama

Ok I know Ive been real real slack when it comes to posting anything for a while (promise to make more of an effort)

At work we recently got a Sony DC HX100V bridge camera that has a 16 mp resolution, GPS location, 27 to 800 mm lens and heaps and heaps of features BUT one feature that I was keen to try was its High Res seam-less sweep panorama images

The photo below is nothing special just a quick try with the new camera on the High res sweep panorama..no stiching, no burning..all Ive done is cropped and adjusted the contrast just a little.

I’m off on five weeks traveling with the camper trailer in May and I’m just wondering if work will miss the camera for 5 weeks..Im keen to try it out on some of those wide blue sky outback landscapes..I’ll keep you posted.

Oyster harbour

First try at the seam-less sweep panorama feature with the Sony HX100V bridge camera


Just recently got back from a two week camper trailer trip through the Pilbara and Karijini National Park  .   This was a photo of the landscape from behind the Tourist Centre..will see about adding some more photos from the Pilbara in weeks to come.   Highly recommend a trip to Karijini  NP, the gorges are spectacular and also a photographers dream destination with such a varying landscape     …Kind regards John

Pilbara...Karajini WA

Pilbara...Karajini WA

Esperance Port

Ive been a bit slack just lately to adding photos to the blog…so heres the first for 2011                                                                                                                                                                                                         Late last year..work had me back and forth to Esperance a number of times ..and what with the lead contamination scare… the port was in over drive.                                                                    This photo was taken with my very basic Fuji point and shoot camera that I take with me for its compactness to do field work.   The camera was on  a tripod with a time exposure  .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             As the sun just  disappeared and the Ports lights came on, and along with a small front approaching..  I manage to get a balance between ambient light and the  lights of the Esperance Port.  With the time exposure giving softness to the water and sky….  Kind Regards…..John


Esperance Port

Esperance Port

The Old Cattlin Mine Head

I’m a bit of a keen Geo-Cacher  (http://www.geocaching.com) (as well as photographer)….and on a recent trip on the way from Albany over to Esperance I went to pick up another cache..this time just north of Ravensthorpe…I was surprise to find an Old Mine Head..After speaking to a colleague from the Ravy Agricultural Centre he gave me a bit of the past history on the Old Cattlin Mine Head. (I’ve notice some maps have listed it as Catllin and a few others as Caitlin..I’d be keen to find out whats correct)

Of course today there is a new mine further up stream on the Cattlin Creek ..its surpise surprise called the Cattlin Mine..and it extracts Lithium… (Isn’t that the stuff the Star Ship Enterprise uses to run on …..and Scotty would always say…. “Why..it’s the Lithium Reactor..she just ain’t gonna take it Captain”

Whilst the photograph is nothing special..the old history and site though is….SO..If your’e going through Ravensthorpe  WA…take Hosking’s Rd to the north out of the townsite.. and follow it all the way to the mine head;… Regards John

A Twilight Sunrise

On my last visit to Esperance WA approx a month ago, I was up before the sun showed up and then down to Twilight Beach…

Twilight Beach Esperance  WA is a photographers dream at any time but my aim here was to get those nice saturated sunrise colours and with the use of a relative slow exposure get a silky finish to the water moving over the sand…Regards….John

The Albany Entertainment Centre (WA)

Here’s a photo I took this evening of the new Albany Entertainment Centre

Camera was on Manual and on a Tripod (no filters), I then tweaked the lighting a little in my photo management program (ACDsee) and then ran it through a HDR process using a “Topaz”  plug-in in Photoshop CS4