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First try of Sony HX100V sweep panorama

Ok I know Ive been real real slack when it comes to posting anything for a while (promise to make more of an effort)

At work we recently got a Sony DC HX100V bridge camera that has a 16 mp resolution, GPS location, 27 to 800 mm lens and heaps and heaps of features BUT one feature that I was keen to try was its High Res seam-less sweep panorama images

The photo below is nothing special just a quick try with the new camera on the High res sweep panorama..no stiching, no burning..all Ive done is cropped and adjusted the contrast just a little.

I’m off on five weeks traveling with the camper trailer in May and I’m just wondering if work will miss the camera for 5 weeks..Im keen to try it out on some of those wide blue sky outback landscapes..I’ll keep you posted.

Oyster harbour

First try at the seam-less sweep panorama feature with the Sony HX100V bridge camera


A New World In The Morning

My Border Collie Dylan well he’s like a built in alarm clock..and a routine that’s also clock work. The other morning it was a push open of the bedroom door from him and a wet nose in the face..with a look from him.. of..it’s time to get up.. “You know the routine..if you want to capture special moments,..you’ve got to make the effort”…as such I was up before sunrise camera in the car and Dylan in the back we made our way down to the Lower King Jetty.  The sun was finding it hard to bring in the new morning due to a heavy fog which in a way just added to the atmosphere, Dylan had a ball and I capture a photo again of  MY backyard…OYSTER HARBOUR..Albany…Western Australia.…hope you enjoy..regards…John.

Click once on Photo to enlarge


King River Paper Barks

One of my favourite local Albany areas… is …Oyster Harbour,  since it’s a hop step and jump down the road from home…. The fact that my Border Collie.. Dylan, adores anything that’s water is also another reason for regular visits to various parts of this body of water that has many moods depending on time, light and seasons…(The water ..that is..not the dog..though he does have his moments).

This photo was taken on the King River (one of the estuary’s that empties into Oyster Harbour) approx 1 km up-stream…The sun was setting over my left shoulder when I found this gnarly old Paper Bark leaning over the river bank begging for its photo to taken.

King River Paper Bark

Mount Martin Morning Magic

I talk to a lot of folks and they all ask “where are you from”..I reply Albany..
“Ooh Its always cold and wet down there ” is their general reply..Yea right..what ever I think to myself …BUT.. Albany and the South Coast of WA has some magic weather.. we have the off days but most days are magic..even when it rains…and this photo is a good expression of that…Again taken early in the Morning on the shores of Oyster Harbour Albany..looking towards Mt Martin and Emu Point, a cold front was approaching but it just added that bit of extra spice to the photo.

Mt Martin Morning Magic

Hi There..An Oyster Harbour Sunrise..Albany..WA

Welcome to my first blog entry for John Grant Photography. In the coming weeks I will endevour to post some of my  photographic experiences.  One of my favorite images taken was at the end of my road in Albany West Australia…It was a magic morning…a very still night. and a cold front was approaching . One of photographer guru Scott Kelby’s comments that always stick in my mind is, “Nice shot but you missed the best lighting by 10 minutes”..his advice is to be there before the moment and after the moment that way you don’t have any excuse.

As such I was down on the banks of Oyster Harbour  Albany, with head torch on, 40 minutes before the sun appeared, not a whisper of wind around, mirror water, clouds approaching and sun coming up..the results the attached photo….I think I nailed it..but Im always open to comments.

Kind Regards

An Oyster Sunrise