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Flinders Ranges (part 2)

These two photos again were taken in the picturesque Flinders Ranges.

One was taken from a scenic lookout not far from our camp ground where we have gone for a drive to capture some sunset shots over the Wilpena Pound and Rawnsley Bluff,  but the color that was getting cast on the mountain ranges behind us (The Chace Ranges) was just as impressive ..and with the dust from a 4×4 coming up to the lookout adding that bit of extra to the photo.

The second photo was taken whilst finding one of many Geocaches through the Flinders..This one was at the so called  “Great Wall of China”..Im sure a better photo could of been taken during those magic periods of Sunrise and Sunset…but unfortunately you cant be every where at those particular moments…Whilst finding and making a log into the cache  I could hear a noise that had me scratching my head..so I extended the zoom on the camera to its limits…The zoom on the Sony HX100V goes out to 830mm and the anti shake quality of it is terrific…Ive got another shot somewhere of half a dozen goats standing on top rock face cliffs at the very top of the ranges and I was quite surprise of the quality that the photo came out.

We fell in love with the Flinders..The Chace Ranges

We fell in love with the Flinders..The Chace Ranges

Grt Wall China..Flinders Ranges

Grt Wall China..Flinders Ranges


First try of Sony HX100V sweep panorama

Ok I know Ive been real real slack when it comes to posting anything for a while (promise to make more of an effort)

At work we recently got a Sony DC HX100V bridge camera that has a 16 mp resolution, GPS location, 27 to 800 mm lens and heaps and heaps of features BUT one feature that I was keen to try was its High Res seam-less sweep panorama images

The photo below is nothing special just a quick try with the new camera on the High res sweep panorama..no stiching, no burning..all Ive done is cropped and adjusted the contrast just a little.

I’m off on five weeks traveling with the camper trailer in May and I’m just wondering if work will miss the camera for 5 weeks..Im keen to try it out on some of those wide blue sky outback landscapes..I’ll keep you posted.

Oyster harbour

First try at the seam-less sweep panorama feature with the Sony HX100V bridge camera