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First try of Sony HX100V sweep panorama

Ok I know Ive been real real slack when it comes to posting anything for a while (promise to make more of an effort)

At work we recently got a Sony DC HX100V bridge camera that has a 16 mp resolution, GPS location, 27 to 800 mm lens and heaps and heaps of features BUT one feature that I was keen to try was its High Res seam-less sweep panorama images

The photo below is nothing special just a quick try with the new camera on the High res sweep panorama..no stiching, no burning..all Ive done is cropped and adjusted the contrast just a little.

I’m off on five weeks traveling with the camper trailer in May and I’m just wondering if work will miss the camera for 5 weeks..Im keen to try it out on some of those wide blue sky outback landscapes..I’ll keep you posted.

Oyster harbour

First try at the seam-less sweep panorama feature with the Sony HX100V bridge camera


3 responses

  1. nice shot john, my fuji X100 does this, its hit and miss though, I find sometimes it leaves lines in the image. In any case its a great little camera

    April 3, 2012 at 11:27 pm

  2. The panorama turned out great! That water is SUPER blue.

    April 4, 2012 at 12:24 am

  3. Thanks Julie and Jillyan
    I was having a read up and it seems that a couple of model cameras back it was Sony that produced the first seamless sweep panorama that was a hit and since then most camera manufacturers are taking the panorama method on board now….. Ive been use to the old snap shift snap, shift snap and then stich together ….that I have to say Ive never been able to master like some folks.
    With a bit of luck I will see if I cant borrow it from work for this Camper trailer break for 5 weeks and see what else I can come up with.
    PS: ..Whilst I have been a bit lazy placing comments ..I have though been keeping an eye on yours (Julie’s) and Katrina’s sites and your photos are outstanding.

    April 4, 2012 at 9:13 am

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